A few questions answered

What is a Content Management System?

A CMS(Content Management System) allows you do modify the content of your site without having any specific technical knowledge. It allows you to add and modify text, photos, documents, video and pretty much any file you would like, this means you have more autonomy and freedom in managing your website.

Frontend/Backend explained

All CMS's have a frontend (the part of the site visible to everyone on the internet) & a backend (Where the content is added and site settings are modified).

For security reasons we can obviously only show the front end works of the sites which we have built. If you are interested in seeing how the backend looks on a demonstration site we can provide you the details to do that. Just Contact us here to try it out.

CMS types

While there are hundreds of available cms's we have chosen to mostly deliver 1 of these 3 because they allow you the freedom to display your content in the best manner possible. They are somewhat standards on the internet and therefore there are large support bases for all 3 systems should assistance be needed.

joomla logo

Joomla is a powerful web platform which is capable for almost any application, it caters generally to medium to large scale sites.

Joomla is an opensource web platform(it's free) with an enormous community around it providing updates and extensions that can be added on. Its easy to use and allows for great amounts of freedom on the site.

wordpress logo

Wordpress was originally a platform solely for smaller sites and blogs, but it has grown in size and adaptability. It has an enormous community offering help extensions and regular updates. It is made to be extremely user friendly and quick to use.

magento logo

Magento is a CMS dedited to e-commerce(Webshops). It is ideal for medium to large businesses. It has some extremely beneficial characteristics, including analysis and reports, support for multiple currenices, shopping carts and much more. It has a clean design and allows you to manage the products or using an advanced backend. If you're interested in seeing an example site along with the backend, please contact us and we will happily help