A quick description of some of the core services that are provided by google and can be importantant for your business

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a service that google offers where you can Advertise your site based on search queries on the web. Additional adwords information

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track the visitors to your site, it allows you to build a concrete image of where the traffic on your site originates and who they are.Additional analytics information

Google Webmasters

Google webmasters is a spot to manage your sites and recieve updates and advice from google regarding your site.Google Webmasters site

Google Adsense

You can also advertise on your site and earn money through google adsense more information

Google Places

Localisation is an important factor in search options, Let google and customers know where your business is with google places

W3C standards

We build our sites to adhere to the w3c standards. This means that the code in your site follows the world standard and thus allowing your site to be stable in the future web browsers and it also provides a small bonus in SEO.