Technical Process: Our Plan

As projects often have a timeframe in which they must be completed we find that the best way of efficiently producing a quality product that puts you ahead of your competitors is to carry out the the project along the following 3 distinct phases.

The Design phase

The design phase is done in consultation with Conte Media, Were we will together analyse the problem and then outlinine a clear solution. In this phase we design the a website, system structure and the projects structure. This will include a full list of requirements, a project plan and designs for the website.

The Implementation phase

During the implementation we will create the website and system as outlined in the design phase. An appropriate system will be produced which is both secure and compatible with the platforms required

The Testing phase

The testing phase is the final process and the project will be subject to functionality and usability tests,.


Communication is indeed key in a project, We are available to talk or brainstorm with any ideas that you have. Clearly outlining the project and deliverables makes it easier for us and you to see what you get in a project.

We are open to any questions regarding development here


Much like a wrench is no better than a hammer we remain neutral to software. While Apple sure is hip especially for website designer, it has only 9% market share. So we make sure not to overlook the 81% market share that Windows still has in web browsing along with Linux systems and Mobile devices.

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Content Management System

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is a tool that you can use to manage the content on your site. It makes it easier to write an article, add an image or even add products to a webshop. We use a range of Content management systems but we specialise in the following 3 Wordpress, Joomla and Magento. Each CMS has its own applications, ask us here which one would be best for for needs

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Platform / Browser Compatibility

We build sites with compatiblity in mind, this means that our products are made to work on all systems. So if you view your site on a mobile telephone or on a tablet your site will be just as easily accessible.

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Accessibility is also important in a website, We take into account things such as Colour design and Accessbility tags for items so all types of users can use the site. We also code to w3c standards and therein producing stuctured code following world standards.